Summers Snugglies update

Since Dec last year SS hit a road block as a major fabric company spotlight discontinued all fabrics in store.. we proceeded to order online and yet all the fabrics were unavailable there too, with the stress and risks small business owners face with these issues we were forced to find new fabric for our lovely customers, myself the owner went back to full time work to fund this road block and find new fabric that was up to standard and only the best quality we only sell fabric with 97% cotton for safety of pups sensitive skin, polyester or anything synthetic is not an option, or thin quality!


We received multiple samples after spending thousands on fabric from overseas, we embark to keep everything local but spotlight was no longer an option... we have now been able to receive the perfect batch of fabric and can now continue to make our customers orders and keep you updated with my full attention and time since i am no longer working, please keep your head high, we only want the best for you and wish we didn't have to keep you waiting..


all orders will have shipping refunded, if free shipping was given we will reimbusre the total value of shipping costs, $12 for aus and $23 for international 


We are human like you, and we wish this was a faster result but can only work as hard as we can as a one man team.


sincerely Krystal and summer


emails with order confirmations will be sent in batches on the 12th and 19th of Feb, all orders will be fulfilled in this time frame, please email us for address updates.